Letter 1: An Introduction

Mon cher ami,

The stones laid in the beginning, predict what a cathedral will look like in the end. If our friendship is that cathedral, let me lay the first stone. Clarity’s as good a start as any. In this letter, I’ll make clear some things you’d find useful to know.

First: what can you expect to read about?

Of course, since I’m a writer, count on me to talk shop. Why write? What does it mean to be a writer? Where do stories come from? How do you actually write a thing, from start to finish? Do you matter in the world, as an artist? And if you do, why? These are the types of questions I hope to answer.

In short, I want to offer you tools, and ideas you can use, as you walk your own path.

Those subjects aside, expect a few letters on philosophy, and other topics. Heinlein said specialization was for insects, which is why I’ll keep our horizons broad. If I go too off-track, feel free to tell me. Focus, and breadth, are hard things to balance.

One last thing—please don’t ever think these letters come from on high. I write these with the spirit of a fellow pilgrim. We’re all walkers on the same, long trail, and if you look to the side, I’ll be beside you. Needless to say, because I’m not some deity, you can ignore what you see fit of my advice. You’ll always know yourself best.

Right then. We’ve been introduced, so I’ll stop here. I have faith the rest will come later.

To prime you for next week’s missive, I leave my parting question:

How long can you wait?

The answer matters more than you think.

I wish you well, and remain,

Your friend,