Fancy you ending up here. You probably have questions, yes?

Let’s get you situated.

Likely your first question: who are you?

Hi, I’m Bea, and I’m a writer.

My day job is as a freelance content marketer, for startups. Plainly speaking, that means I do one of two things. Either I help startups get new leads, and grow their user base, or else I help keep their current customers loyal, all via words.

Sometimes, the words stitch together into a blog post. Sometimes, they end up as an email. Other times, the words coalesce into a web page.

Either way, I bring the right people to startups, and I do so with a grin.

Once the day job’s done, you’ll still find me writing. In my off hours, I write essays, and fiction. True to form, all my hobbies revolve around the arts—I devour books like a starveling, I while away my days with theater and opera, and when I need to think, I either walk, or lose myself in great music.

The only thing you really need to know about me, is this: if you love Pablo Neruda, we’re probably going to be friends.

I’ll leave you to discover all the other artists that trigger positive feelings in me.

Why is this website called Notes from the Fringes?

Honestly? It just sounded cool when I was setting things up.

No, the real reason is, I think of myself as a wanderer. I’ve always had a taste for weird places, strange ideas, and odd people. I’m easily bored by the things people my age usually pay attention to.

For me, the edges of life are where it’s at.

Hence the fringes part of the name.

As for the notes bit—this site will be a repository, of the things I bring back from my wandering. If it helps, think of me as a forever-wayward cat, bringing you metaphorical dead mice, even though you’re not my owner.

To be clear, I hate mice. But I can’t think of a better expression right now, so, yeah.

What can I expect from this site?

Expect essays on one of two topics—writing and the arts, or the business of startups. Occasionally I may post updates about my work, but that’ll be rare.

As rare as me listening to a Justin Bieber song, which almost never happens.

How can I reach you?

Email is your best bet. As long as you’re civil, I’ll reply.

I’m also on Twitter, but that’s sort of hit-and-miss. When I’m in the middle of a writing project, I tend to leave social media by the wayside, like a gutter rat.

Here are the full details of how to get in touch.

What else is there to know about you?

Asking the deep questions now, are we?

Well, in my social group, I’m kind of the resident cynic. Why else did I love Grantaire so much in Les Misérables? I can get quite romantic, but really only about the arts. Most other things, I’m quite indifferent to.

I also mentioned my love for theater, and opera. Rope me into a discussion about those things, and I’ll swoon. The same will happen if you so much as mention Hadley Fraser, Ramin Karimloo, or Andrew Scott, in my vicinity.

As for the undying question of favorite books: I’ll read anything by Catherynne Valente, my favorite classic has to be Les Misérables, and I’ll happily lose myself in any work by Alain de Botton. Just name the place, and time.

This also has to be said—I abhor people who use their phones while talking to others. Watch this happen if I’m nearby. You’ll see the most disdainful look come upon my face.

There, I said it. Fight me.

Is that it?

Yes, that’s about it.

After this page, you may want to hit up other places, though.

If you’re thinking of working together, this page has everything you’ll need.

Again, if you just want to get in touch, here are ways to contact me.