Contact Me

Contrary to the reclusive writer trope, I actually do like talking to people.

Well, not all kinds of people. I certainly won’t give bigots, or fools, the time of day.

Anyhow—if you’d like us to chat, here’s how make that happen.

Best option: email me.

Say you want us to work together. Or, say you have a ton of feedback, about the things I’ve written here. In that case, sending me an email is best.

Send it to beajumarang[at]gmail[dot]com, and expect a reply within a day or two.

My only rule? Be civil.

I’ve got no problems with a person arguing passionately with me. If you met me on the street, you’d know that. My friends certainly tease me about my, ah, enthusiasm, often enough. The point is, dissent is fine, so long as it remains respectful, and humane.

Go ahead. Try and send a hate-riddled polemic. I’ll just delete your message.

Second option: tweet me.

I’m on Twitter often enough to likely catch your message, so it’s a safe alternative. It’s an especially good choice if you want to talk arts, share book recs, discuss articles, et cetera.

As with the email option, I still want you to be civil. Admit it: the Internet can be a cesspool of cruelty, and foolishness. Let’s not add to that. The world doesn’t need more problems.

Now, just a quick reminder, if you’re getting in touch for work.

I get it. You may just want to email me, gushing about how your startup will change the world. Enthusiasm is great, but it’s wise to temper wildness, with preparation.

So, before you email me, please make sure that you know what you need, you know what I can do for you, and that those two areas align.

Beyond that, you should also see if my writing style is what you’re looking for. This entire page somewhat shows that already, but my portfolio can shed more light on the matter.

All that said, I look forward to hearing from you!