My Influences

My philosophy for being an artist, my philosophy for living, my way of approaching work, my process for creating things—they’re all what they are, partly because of the people who’ve influenced me. It’s no lie to say that I owe everyone on this list a debt. Whether they know it or not, they’ve helped make me, well, me.

Because of that, I’ll always consider myself grateful, and fortunate.

So, in no particular order, here’s a non-exhaustive list of my largest influences, artistic or otherwise.

  • Marcus Aurelius (Stoic philosopher, and Roman emperor)
  • Seneca (Stoic philosopher, and Roman politician)
  • Epictetus (Stoic philosopher, and former slave)
  • Victor Hugo (Writer)
  • Catherynne Valente (Writer)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk (Entrepreneur)
  • Andrew Scott (Actor)
  • Ramin Karimloo (Theater actor, and musician)
  • Hadley Fraser (Theater actor, and musician)
  • Simon Sinek (Optimist, and writer)
  • Ryan Holiday (Writer, and modern Stoic)
  • Neil Gaiman (Writer)
  • David Tennant (Actor)
  • Robert Downey, Jr. (Actor)
  • Alain de Botton (Writer)
  • Aidan Gillen (Actor)
  • Peter Elbow (Writer, and professor)
  • Emmanuel Macron (French politician, and current French president)

Some of these people, you might already know. If some of them are new to you, I definitely encourage you to learn more about them. And yes, this is biased, but I strongly suggest you start with the names at the top. I’ll leave you to learn why.

Feel free to check back periodically! This list will evolve, with time.