You’ve likely ended up here from my About page, or else you’re considering working with me. If you haven’t read any of those pages, better think twice, or else this page will just be horribly out of context.

And yes, this isn’t everything I’ve written.

Much as I’m a fan of self-disclosure, there are pieces I’ve happily ghostwritten for clients. I can’t exactly shout about those things from the rooftops. Ah, woe. Such is the way of us writers—we have to hide some of our children, even though we love them dearly.

On to the works!

Online Pieces

How to Fail Productively As A Blogger

I was such a wee writer during the time of this post. Even now, a part of me still disbelieves I ever landed a ProBlogger spot at all. This was probably the first piece that made me think, “Damn, this is, like, a thing, now. It could be a thing. It’s not a pipe dream anymore!”

This piece did wonders for my sense of possibility.

Forget Willpower: Here’s What You Can Do to Dominate Bad Blogging Habits

Another ProBlogger piece. Clearly I have a thing for habits and behavioral change.

Email Templates for Web Designers and Developers

This template set for Smashing Magazine, was the first time I truly grasped the importance of pitching right. Remind me to tell you that story one time. The saga nearly ended in tears, because I was, well, a bit of an idiot. But it worked itself out, thank the universe.

And hey, it’s Smashing Magazine. As far as publications go, it’s 10/10.

Talk Nerdy to Me

This first part hosts a small selection of video descriptions I’ve written, for Marginal Revolution University. MRU is an ed-tech startup, focusing on economics. It’s close to my heart, what with my raging econ kink. Plus, the MRU people remain some of the best humans I’ve ever worked with.

Scratch that, they’re some of the best people I’ve ever known.

Anyhow, these video descriptions will show you how I take complex topics, and then present them in a way that doesn’t make people want to retch.

Now, since we’re still in the nerdy part of the woods, if you want to read some of the essays I wrote in my student days, feel free. Scan the citations—it’ll be quickly evident, how much I loved research, even back then.

Eh, maybe ending up a writer really was inevitable for me.

Realism and Liberalism in International Relations

Okay, so listen. I love political philosophy, whether it’s for political science, or international relations. I just don’t discuss politics, because you know, we all want to live calm lives. Still, if you’re determined to be friends, we can dig into the wonders of Rousseau’s Social Contract.

If you want to be really adventurous, we can even talk about Hobbes’s Leviathan.

The European Union: Changing the Face of Regionalism

This essay made me bring home books, in languages I didn’t even know. But really, the key takeaway is, I’ve never met a research assignment I didn’t like. Obscure anecdotes? They’re the stuff of dreams.

And okay, did I lug home a heavy book bag, just so I could write this? Did that book bag possibly crack my spine in a few places? Sure, but who cares? If research is the cause, you can call me Enjolras.

(Please, please, get that reference. I’ll love you always.)

Right, you’ve read my writing. Okay, now what?

Good question.

If you’ve decided my writing style is just what your startup needs, head here—let’s get talking. Otherwise, feel free to poke around the rest of the site!