Work With Me

I love a good partnership.

Bring the right people together, and you can turn 1 plus 1 into 350.

Now, I believe a good partnership starts with understanding, so let’s do that.

Let’s understand each other.

If we skip this bit, who knows what ravines we might fall into? I think you’ll agree: we can’t afford such detours. Neither you, nor I, can waste our time, or energy. Not to mention, ahem, our money.

So. Basics first—can I even help you?

I serve a specific niche: startups of a certain size. Five to 20 employees is the sweet spot, or thereabouts. Bonus points if you’re in ed-tech, or SAAS. Basically, if you’re a startup CEO, or CMO, looking for someone to craft spiffy content—polished words that bring leads, the big bucks, and happy customers—then I’m your gal.

If, on the other hand, you’re the CEO of some behemoth corporation, we simply won’t work well together. See, I despise bureaucracy. Utterly despise it, in the most Kafkaesque sense, so let’s not go that route. I work best with small teams of interesting, enthusiastic people, which is why startups are my jam.

Next—what are you looking for?

I offer two specific services: content creation, and content strategy.

Content creation is straightforward.

If you need blog posts, email newsletters, or web pages for your site, you’ve come to the right scribe. Quick note: I’m best at long-form content, about 2,000 words and up. Meaty, hyper-useful pieces are my catnip. I’m great at digging into complex topics, and presenting them in ways that can be easily grasped.

(Head to the nerdy section of my portfolio, for proof.)

On the content strategy end, you’ll have my brain, much more than my pen.

I can help you dig into your target customers’ heads, until they say you know them better than their mothers do. I can also audit your existing content, either to fix leaks, or to spruce up your best pieces, and ratchet up their ROI. If not that, I can also help you craft a content strategy. It’ll cover everything: from a profile of your ideal customers, all the way to a production process, that gets great content made.

Now for the dreaded question—do you have a budget?

As much as I want us to ride off into the sunset, cash unseen, I have to ask this.

It’s a matter of preparation: if you want great content, you should know the costs of its creation. There’s time and energy involved, and a lot of thinking, but of course, funds also have to be there. Polished blog posts, effective emails, and high-performing web pages? They don’t just drop out of thin air.

There won’t be a content stork, dropping word babies down your company chimney.

Point is: if you have a budget, great. If you don’t have one, prepare one.

And lest you wonder, yes, here are my rates—my standard fee is $40/hour. I do offer all new clients a trial rate. That’s $35/hour for the first month’s work.

For your own benefit, if you’re thinking of a long-term arrangement—for example, a set number of blog posts a month, or you want my help with, say, a full content strategy, you’ll be better off working out a project fee.

In that case, send me an email with the details, and we’ll discuss it.

Of course, you may want to see some of my work first. For that, my portfolio should be your next stop. Look through the selected pieces there, and on that page, you’ll also find details for getting in touch.

If you’ve already seen said portfolio, and you’re ready to talk, here’s my contact page.